Sally the Life Coach

‘Sally the Life Coach’ is the story of Sally, a new age positive thinking-doing-believing-receiving-achieving life coach.  The series follows her as she attempts to improve the lives of her clients – and due to unexpected circumstances, is forced to figure out her own.

Sally the Life Coach is a truly independent web-series. The series was written, produced and directed by Daniel Johnson. The production did not involve any production companies nor did it have any funding. Everybody involved – the cast, the crew and even the designers of this very website offered their services for free.

This project is not about making a profit, it’s about talented people coming together to make art.

Daniel Johnson

DANIEL JOHNSON – Creator – Writer – Director

Daniel Johnson is a screenwriter and film director from London – who has spent the best part of ten years creating films in both the UK and USA. He specialises in low-budget, short form content. ‘Sally the Life Coach’ has always been a passion project. See more of Daniel’s work at danieljohnsonfilms.co.uk

“I wanted to make a web-series that showcases my skills and those of talented friends who I’ve made along the way. ‘Sally’ is a calling card for some of the best talent in the industry.”


Natalie Gumede is an award-winning actress, most known for playing the character Kirsty Soames in ‘Coronation Street’ and her memorable moves on the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, where she was a finalist in 2013.

“Any platform that allows an artist to showcase themselves should not be ignored, and the internet provides the perfect way to introduce the viewer to so much exciting entertainment- without boundaries. Sally the Life Coach is small but perfectly formed as a web series, and I hope that people enjoy watching.”

Stephen Mitchell


Stephen Mitchell is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, he’s appeared in the American version of ‘The Office’ as well as heaps of improv comedy in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. He was particularly excited to get involved with this project:

“I have a lot of respect for Daniel Johnson as a talented and funny writer and director and a real self-starter. He makes things happen instead of waiting for them to happen, which is the best way to get attention for your work.”

Tony Craig


Tony Craig first became known for his TV presenting work, where he flourished in his early to mid twenties as a presenter on a variety of BBC shows. In recent years he has refocused attention on his true love, acting. For a while, he very nearly dedicated himself to life coaching!

“I went to a two day training event with the view of becoming a life coach a couple of years ago. I didn’t pursue it as I’m not sure an unregulated industry offering a qualification after two days then giving the position of responsibility of helping people with a genuine need would be the right thing to do!”

William Heartly

WILLIAM HARTLEY – Laurence Berksby

William Hartley and Daniel Johnson have been collaborating on projects since the beginning of time, and probably before that. Hartley is also co-creator of the comedy group ‘Clever Peter’ who have toured with their sketch show extensively, and also had a short lived but much loved Radio 4 show, ‘Strap In – It’s Clever Peter’. William Hartley has a more sympathetic view of life coaches than Tony Craig, and thinks their wisdom can be helpful for a working actor:

“I think, being an actor, you have to remind yourself constantly of the things that life coaches try and teach – really simple things like you’re the one stuck in your own head all the time, so try and learn to like yourself, don’t compare yourself to others, and be aware that you are in control of your own happiness.”

Elizabeth Guterblock


Elizabeth Guterbock met director Daniel Johnson little more than a month before she was cast in ‘Sally the Life Coach’. Johnson, sensing a unique acting talent – swiftly cast her in the web-series.

Elizabeth was born in California, in a place called Upland, to be precise, and raised in Visalia (also in California). She now resides in London – and was most recently seen in the play ‘Straying In Seattle’.

“Reading the script really sealed the deal – I laughed out loud when I read the scenes Daniel sent me to consider, which is always a sign of a good script. I also thought it was a great opportunity to work with a director I respected, and a cast of very talented people. I was honoured to be asked to do it.”

Jasmin Rodgman


Jasmin Rodgman is an extremely talented and versatile composer and musician. Her music has been performed at establishments including RADA, the Arcola Theatre and the Cheltenham Music Festival. Her first collaboration with Daniel Johnson was the film ‘Can’t Commit’ (starring James Redmond and Nina Hatchwell).

“Natalie really draws you in. I love the little quirks, rhythm and mannerisms she has brought to Sally the Life Coach. The utter conviction she delivers with is hilarious! Oh…and her hair truly is the most fantastic, ABUNDANT thing!”

Patrick Lennon

PATRICK LENNON – Sound Recordist (Episodes 2, 3, 4)

Patrick Lennon is a journalist. He writes for The Daily Star, is an Executive Producer of Wrestletalk TV and co-creator of Hooked On Wrestling Magazine.

Patrick first met Daniel Johnson on December 4th 2012 at a filming job. They remember this – because it coincidentally happened to be both of their birthdays.

They spent the following year working on a variety of creative projects together, including, of course, something called ‘Sally the Life Coach’.

“It was a genuine pleasure to navigate a bend in the river of life with such gifted professionals and great people as Dan, Natalie, Steve, Will, Tony and Elizabeth. I think Sally would agree that I found true abundance.”

Simon Burbage

SIMON BURBAGE – Sound Recordist (Episode 1)

Simon Burbage is a fantastic actor. He’s shared the stage with Kevin Spacey, and appeared in adverts for Pizza Hut, Pepsi and more. To give you an idea of the type of guy that Simon is, even though there was no role for him in the web-series, he offered to help out in any way he could – which resulted in him being the sound recordist for episode 1.

“I’ve been a fan of Daniel’s for a long time. His passion for subtle nuanced dialogue with tangible three dimensional characters is a rarity nowadays.”

Irene Charalombous


Irene Charalambous is an artist who has collaborated on numerous small projects with Daniel Johnson over the years. Daniel’s instructions to her for the teaser trailer was to make pieces of card with positive and negative words on either side.

What Irene created helped capture the attention of the national news media, as screenshots including her work appeared in various places, including The Daily Star.

“I wanted to do this to help a friend, and be a part of something different to my normal life – which Sally the Life Coach definitely is!”

Chris Basiden and Paul Thomas


Chris Baisden and Paul Thomas, of Convoy Media, designed the Sally the Life Coach website. They first met when studying at the University of Westminster, and decided to start a business to avoid doing normal jobs.

They specialise in creating websites for unique businesses, mostly in the fashion industry.

“As an independent business ourselves, we believe in supporting creative, exciting independent projects, and even more so when that work is created by a friend.”


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